Small Business Law 

Business owners need an attorney who understands business. As a business owner and past in-house counsel for two successful businesses, Vanessa Lane Jennings knows the real world challenges that business owners face and she is able to provide practical and effective advice.

What makes our firm different is that we were built with the needs of growing businesses in mind.  Just because you can’t afford or don’t need a full-time in-house or General Counsel, does not mean you don’t need counsel. The Jennings Law Firm is that counsel.

​Our goal is to build lifetime relationships with our clients. We aim to help our clients not only start and grow their business, but to protect it during each step in the process and at each stage of growth. We accomplish this by ensuring that your select the right type of business entity that is best for you, negotiating and drafting agreements (including employment agreements, non-compete and confidentiality agreements, leases, licenses, and buy/sell agreements), making certain you have the right policy and manuals in place for your employees, protecting your intellectual property rights, and helping you grow your business with consulting services to plan, prepare, and deal with a myriad of business problems.
We also provide affordable civil litigation services. 

Practice Areas

Asset Protection 

We offer estate planning services for a broad spectrum of people and situations. Some people simply want to say who will raise their children if something unexpected should occur, while others desire to preserve their wealth for their family for generations to come. Some want to leave gifts to charity, others want to keep a business in the family, and some want to make sure that a disabled family member has a good quality of life into the future. Other clients want to protect their hard-earned assets from potential creditors with our Asset Protection Plan.
No matter what your individual and specific needs are, we help to create plans that suit your goals and bring you peace of mind, which is why our firm believes in personalized service for each and every client.
Our approach is educational and proactive – we first determine your individual needs, desires, and values – and then we tailor your plan to best fit what is important to you.

Jennings Law Firm, P.A. 

Family Law 

​​Divorce – ending a marriage is always a difficult and upsetting process on some levels. Not only are you severing emotional ties, but you are also splitting up your lives. Property that you both acquired over the length of your marriage will have to be divided and distributed according to plans that you and your ex-spouse either work out in a settlement, or with the help of a judge. At the Jennings Law Firm, we will utilize our legal knowledge and experience to help you through this difficult time in your life.

Child Support – when two marriage partners split and children are involved, child support is a very important part of the divorce that needs to be properly planned and configured.  Both parents are obligated to support their children to meet any and all needs. There are several factors and guidelines that are taken into account when adjusting the amount of child support required by one parent. Every situation and family is unique and has differing circumstances, and that is what makes these types of arrangements impossible to give a set answer to as far as “how much.” We can meet with you to discuss your situation and what you can expect when determining child support for your child or children. 

​Paternity – establishing legal paternity is a key component when it comes to child custody and child support agreements. Whoever is determined to be the legal father will have all the rights and responsibilities of a father. Some of these rights and responsibilities include requirement to pay child support, coordinating with the child's mother in a joint custody agreement, sole custody, visitation agreements and more. In some cases, there is a question as to a child's rightful legal father. Determining arrangements for your children presents a unique challenge for any parent. Call our firm to discuss the option of paternity testing and how it relates to child custody and child support.